1. Making Connections

@Legian Room, 2nd Floor

by Julie Jung, Shromona Mandal, Irmana Monem, Aman Abrar, Mustafa Mahmud & Ribhav Bhagat
GIN advisors: Rob Switzer, Corey Watlington & Jim Hesiter
American International School Dhaka

Global Issue- Poverty
Essential Question – To what extent do our actions perpetuate the poverty cycle?
Workshop Description

We will be facilitating a discussion about our interconnectedness, including how our choices can impact those around us. This workshop will be interactive and challenging.  Come ready to change your perceptions and to make connections.



2. Peacekeeping: It Starts with Us

@Kintamani Room, 2nd floor

Presented by: Sunita Srivatsan, Teagan Mountcastle, Anuradha Lal & Madeleine Smith
GIN advisors: Marthan Began & Steve Early
Singapore American School

Global Issue – Peacekeeping, Conflict Prevention & Combating Terrorism
Essential Question – What Can We Do to Foster Peacekeeping?
Workshop Description

Our workshop aims to analyze the key political, social, and economic causes for regional and global conflicts in our world. We will also discuss how we, as students, can play a role in solving some of these issues



3. Be Like Mario

@Bedugul Room, 2nd floor

Presented by Yura Kim,  Hyeseong Yoon, Joon Park, Kevin Kwon, Alex Lee & Jacob Kim
GIN advisors: Sinele Tsabedze & Russell McGrath
Chadwick International School

Global Issue – Conflict Prevention
Essential Question – How can we prevent conflicts caused by racism in our community?
Workshop Description

Though our world entered the new age of diversity and acceptance, racism is still a major issue. Some may consider racism as a past or minor issue, but it’s actually not. Racism has caused several conflicts in our world and it is our duty to raise awareness of the issue and do our best to find solutions for it. Our workshop aims to explore different ways racism could be handled with and how it can be eliminated in our community.


4. Forgotten Voices

@Tabanan Room, 4th floor

Presented by Sabrina Hartono, Bhoomika Saxena, Marc Cheah &  Marina Penenory
GIN advisors: Annie Andrews, Ann Durham & Tasneem Shafi
Jakarta Intercultural School

Global Issue – Poverty
Essential Question – How can we value the elderly in our communities?
Workshop Description

This workshop focuses on the special challenges and on the joys of interacting with the elderly in the local community. Many elderly – without a social security net and with families dispersed – struggle in impoverished circumstances. Students at International schools gravitate towards working with the local children but few embrace the opportunities of working with older folks. This workshop focuses on two aspects- different ways to interact and an example of one way to recognize and respect the wisdom of our elders.

5. Mottainai

@Amlapura Room, 4th floor

Presented by Masao Kitagiri, Kyosuke Imai, Nikolas Thomsen & Taiga Takahashi
GIN advisor: Serge Labrecque
Canadian Academy Kobe, Japan

Global Issue – Biodiversity & Ecosystem Losses
Essential Question – How can we use the Mottainai spirit?
Workshop Description

The Japanese term “mottainai” is an exclamation of regret at waste, though its true meanings are deeper. In this workshop, we will explore on how we as individuals can use the mottainai spirit to change the local environment.

6. Would you rather…?: Decision Making and the Poverty Cycle

@Bangli Room, 4th floor

Presented by Aadithya Vijay, Abhinav Subramaniam, Andrew Cabangon, Andrea Lee, Ryan Santos & Sofia Contreras

GIN Advisors: Gitanjali Paul & Isabel Alvarez-Casuso

International School Manila

Global Issue – The Fight Against Poverty
Essential Question – What options do impoverished people have for livelihood in the Philippines? What factors that make people be in poverty?
Workshop Description

 This workshop will discuss the interconnection of poverty and decision making. To answer this, we will start with an introductory presentation about the poverty cycle in the Philippines to help bridge any knowledge gaps. Then we will start with various activities such as a game of “would you rather” to place the attendees in a situation similar to that of a person in poverty in the Philippines and seek to understand the rationale behind their choices

7. Poverty and Population Growth

@Mangupura Room, 4th floor

Presented by Johann Li & Mu-En Mae

GIN Advisors: Bianca Marique Diercks, Ilonka Meier & Dr. Jorge Nelson

North Jakarta Intercultural School

Global Issues- Poverty and Population Growth
Essential question: How can we suppress the vicious circle of poverty and population growth in developing countries?

Workshop Description

High birth rates contribute to overpopulation in many developing countries, acting as one of the main contributions to poverty. Does poverty cause population growth? Or does population growth cause poverty? Our workshop will discuss about the vicious circle of poverty, and what we can do to tackle this global issue by focusing on the education of family planning in developing countries.

8. Sustainable Tourism & Education at STEP

@Singaraja Room, 4th floor

Presented by Ni Wayan Rara Aprilia, Ni Kadek Susan Evi Antari, Ni Komang Hindiyani, Felishia Felishia , Misaki Imayoshi & Silojuan Silva

GIN advisors: Lynette Melville-Rea & Niko Suyasa

SMK PGRI Payangan/ Osaka International School

Essential Question-How is Tourism a Global Issue?
Workshop description

Students from both SMK Payangan High School of Tourism in Bali and Osaka International School in Japan are co presenting on how tourism is a global issue.  Come along and be in the running to win a free night at STEP Ubud – Bali’s only not-for-profit, eco hotel.  We’ll have a quiz and some tasty treats from both Bali and Japan.  In 40 minutes, you will learn a lot about how tourism has enormous potential to pull people out of poverty and solve many of the global issues we are all facing. Our talk will be based on our practical experiences in Payangan over the past 10 years

9. Education to Reduce Child Labour

@Gianyar Room, 4th floor

Presented by Hyun-Ji Mun, Anneleen De Ruiter, Meike Van Nes, SongHee Chang, Zen Anderson and Sean Seedwell.

GIN advisor: Sakina Brik

Bali Island School

Global Issue -Education for All
Essential Question – How can we reduce child labour by providing access to education?
Workshop Description

Did you know that over 168 million children are involved in child labour? In this workshop, we will be discussing specific actions that anyone can take that will be able to help reduce child labour worldwide. Participants will have the opportunity to create role plays depending on the given topic related to realistic problems. They will also watch a social experiment video and discuss about it in order to develop their knowledge about child labour.