1. BridGIN the Gap

@Legian Room, 2nd floor

Presented by: Roopal Kondepudi, A Hyun Kim, JayHyun Chang, Chloe Shin-Gay & Laleh Lodi (Singapore American School)
GIN advisors: Marthan Began & Steve Early

Essential Question:
How Can We, as Individuals, Help Close the Digital Divide?


Workshop Description:

In this workshop, participants will not only learn about the severity of the digital divide, but more importantly learn how they can help alleviate it.


2. Workshop title – Stigma of AIDS

@Kintamani Room, 2nd floor

Presented by Hyeyun Erica Lee, Jefferson Baik,  Iris Park, Grace Shin & Elaine Lim
GIN advisors: Sinele Tsabedze & Russell McGrath
Chadwick International School

Essential Question:
How can we make AIDS patients dissolve in the society without any social bias?


Workshop Description:

The workshop will explain and correct any misunderstanding student may have about HIV/AIDS strictly based on research. The presentation portion of the workshop will contain background information about HIV/AIDS so that the students can get an accurate sense of what HIV/AIDS is. After the presentation, students from all over the world, will share the level of their societies’ awareness of AIDS. Throughout the workshop, students will have a better understanding of AIDS and will come up with actionable plans to remove the stigma associated with HIV/AIDS.


3.Making the Invisible Visible: Wishing Trees, Lemons and a Student Led Film Festival

@Bedugul Room, 2nd floor

Presented by Meenakshi Marchione, Stephanie Shi, Maya & Laura Zuo
GIN advisor: Sheilah Grace Murthy
Beijing International Bilingual Academy

Essential Question -How can we make visible the value of others so that everyone’s talent and labour is honoured equally?
Global Issue: International labor and migration rules
Workshop Description:

The maid that cleans our classrooms, refugees camped at the border, the children that get left behind in the village because the parents have to work in the big city…Why don’t we know/ see/ hear them? Why do sometimes we choose to be blind? Why is it important for us to acknowledge and even honor them? How can we, make their lives better?

In this workshop we’ll not only share creative projects we’re doing around these issues but lead us through a simulation working in a factory making “invisible ink”.

We’ll also talk about how your action projects can have greater visibility and impact through Empathic Cinema. Empathic Cinema is a student led 24 hour film festival where students spend the night screening films about global issues, engaging in simulations, workshops and discussion with people around the world via Skype. We invite you to join us in our student led global film festival.


4. Workshop title – Why Water?

@Tabanan Room, 4th floor

Presented by: Nafisa Mazumdar, Tahmid Hasan, Sarah Ashan, Adisree Pal & Baber Ali
GIN advisors: Rob Switzer, Corey Watlington & Jim Hesiter
American International School Dhaka

Essential Question:
How can we ensure clean water for all? Why is water important?


Workshop Description:

We will be facilitating a discussion about the importance of water. Including how environmental factors influence the quality of drinking water. This workshop will be interactive including physical activities and simulations.


5. Workshop title – Global Citizens or Refugees?

@Amlapura Room, 4th floor

Presented by Natalie Ivanova, Jerome Guo, Alice Giraudi, Jeong Doo
GIN advisors:  Annie Andrews, Ann Durham & Tasneem Shafi
Jakarta Intercultural School

Essential Question:
Is there a refugee crisis in Indonesia?


Workshop Description:

This workshop focuses on the refugee situation in Indonesia and invites input from students in other Asian countries where refugees also seek shelter. The workshop will look at the interaction between students and a local refugee centre- and also seek to dispel some myths and misunderstandings about refugees.

6. The Right To Seek Asylum

@Bangli Room, 4th floor

Presented by Adelia Adamhar, Joslyn J. Mamoto, Evania M. Wijaya & Kevin D. Vaswani

GIN advisors: Bianca Marique Diercks, Ilonka Meier & Dr. Jorge Nelson

North Jakarta Intercultural School

Global Issue- International Labour and Migration Rules
Essential Question: Do we really have the right to seek a safe place to live?
Workshop Description
Our workshop will discuss the right to seek asylum through current situations such as the refugee crisis and the exploitation of domestic workers

7. Pandawas Academy: A refugee school

@Mangupura Room, 4th floor

Presented by Hubert Loh, Ryan Lim,  Rachel Lim, Charise Edmondson, Mabel Lee, Natasha Handoko

GIN Advisor: Megan Settle

IGB International School

Global Issue – Education for all
Essential Question -Is English instruction necessary for refugee children?
Workshop description

Providing GIN members with a deeper understanding of what it is like for someone to be taught entirely in a foreign language.