NYEPI 2016

As you will be in Bali in March, you are in for a real treat!
It has now been confirmed that Nyepi or the “Day of Silence”  will take place March 9th.
Hindu Bali has its own unique take on this religious celebration. There is nothing like it and it will be worth coming to Bali earlier to experience the festivities followed by a day of absolute silence.
Please find more information here. Also note that the airport will be closed March 9th for 24 hours.

Registration is now a three-step process

Step 1: Make a Reservation

GIN Bali 2016 is no longer limited to 250 delegates. We are currently able to accept additional schools and 400 delegates in total. Please secure a spot for your school first. As soon as the reservation form is completed, we will send you an additional letter and an invoice.

  • Complete the reservation form 
  • We encourage the registration of one team of 2-6 delegates and 2 sponsors per school. Additional teams (up to four) will be accepted depending on availability.
  • A Deposit of 250 USD per school is due to secure a spot at the conference. 
Step 2: Conference registration and payment
  • Full cost: 250 USD per participant
Step 3: Film submission and workshop description
  • All registered teams are required to submit a workshop description and a film of up to 2 minute long. 

Registration is now CLOSED!

Registration & Payment

  • All students attending will present as a team in an interactive workshop.
  • Teams are made up of 2-6 students.

Please have the following information prepared in order to complete the form:

  • Full Names and (email) contacts of all participating students and educators.
  • Assign Team numbers 1-4 to each workshop team
  • Workshop title
  • Global issue(s)
  • Essential question
  • Workshop description (no more than 100 words)
  • Tech needs
  • Film submission url (YouTube) of up to 2 minute long
  • Food requirements
  • T-shirt size


***If you are unable to attend the GIN conference due to circumstances beyond your or BIS’s control, then BIS will refund the maximum amount possible after costs are met.***