Available Workshops/Presentations

BIS High School Students- 20-25 participants per designated classroom

1:10-2:00pm – workshop

2:00-2:45pm- workshop


EARCOS GIN Bali Participants – 10-15 participants per designated classroom

4:30-5:30 – presentation, Q&A

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Ron Lilley

Bali Snake Patrol Page

Workshop Title: Wildlife and Snake Bites

A presentation on the problems associated to snakebites in Bali and elsewhere in Indonesia. Snakebite is one of the world’s ‘hidden diseases’ according to the WHO, and affects mostly poor rural farmers. How do we help and how do we change misconceptions.


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Improving Life. Preserving Nature.

Workshop Title: Marine Environment and Rehabilitation

LINI is a local working with local fishing communities to restore their coral reefs. The presentation is about the issues surrounding the marine environment, reef degradation, and how local communities can be involved in rehabilitating their reefs as a source of food.




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Lyn Robinson


Workshop Title: Conservation of Species

Lyn Robinson did her post graduate research on sharks and shark fisheries in Madagascar. Lyn’s study in northern Madagascar was the first to document shark species taken in the local fisheries, and results were provided to the government for use in the design of a Conservation Action Plan.

She is a member of the IUCN Shark Specialist Group, an international group of shark researchers and experts in the fields of shark biology, conservation, management, fisheries and taxonomy. One of the Specialist Group’s main activities is assessment of species for red list status, a widely used inventory for gauging the extinction risk faced by species.


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Workshop Title: Eco Literacy and Our Place in This World

Through the Eco-Library program,  books  are provided about nature and environment for children in Indonesia. Eco-Library is the first step toward the eco-literacy goal, aimed for the children to have a better understanding of their place in this world – how all elements of nature, including us, humans, are interconnected and how our lifestyles impact them. Implemented together with eco-educational games and activities, we hope the children will embrace sustainable lifestyles.

Petr Hindrich, founder, at jungle trek - North SumatraPetr Hindrich is founder of green-books.org, a non-profit with a mission to promote education for sustainable living (eco-literacy) to Indonesian children. They initiate Eco-Libraries and distribute books about nature and environment to make children curious about the nature. Moreover they develop games and activities and implement them to the Eco-Libraries to help children learn about the sustainable way of life.




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Begawan Foundation


Workshop title: Conservation of Endangered Indonesian Birds by Carolyn Kenwrick

A presentation about the work being undertaken to save endangered Indonesian bird species, especially the Bali Mynah, the icon of Bali. This critically endangered bird, despite many attempts, is still only found in small numbers. Only with education and community involvement can an endangered species be saved.



Puspadi Bali

I Nengah Latra rose from the ashes to create Bali’s largest NGO working with persons with disabilities. Puspadi Baliwas named Number 1 NGO in Bali in 2014 by the Balinese Government & in the Top 15 NGO’s in Indonesia 2014by the Indonesian Government.

Join Nesa Jatiana, proud owner of an artificial leg and Manager of Puspadi Bali’s Prosthetic Workshop to hear about the work Puspadi Bali does assisting persons with physical disabilities in Bali & Eastern Indonesia.

From making artificial legs and running Bali’s wheelchair program Puspadi Bali works towards a number of the  UN’s SDG’s, with the overall aim being to assist those with physical disabilities to take their place in life as productive citizens.

Meet Puspadi client Nengah and hear how she overcame adversity until the age of 12 to become a Para Olympian.

Activities for delegates:

  • Help to assemble a wheelchair
  • Assemble water filters for delivery to our paralyzed clients



Jeni Kardinal

WorkshopTitle: “The Three little Pigs”

by Jeni Kardinal

A presentation on the long term advantages of creating sustainable housing solutions in Bali and the developing world using resources that would otherwise be discarded. How do we provide housing solutions on a shoestring budget for the economically disadvantaged rural communities we live in?

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