Friday 11th March, 1-6pm

We’re excited to have local non-profit organizations and businesses that will be attending and participating in the event. Getting the community involved is one of our main goals, and the Global Action Fair will be a great opportunity for students to talk with our community change makers and bring great gifts back home as a reminder to share our humanity, share our planet and share our rule book.

There are three objectives for the Global Action Fair, which will be taking place Friday during NGO workshops with BIS students and Global Villages with GIN participants. The fair will provide organizations, businesses and delegates with the opportunity to:

  • Present what they do in Bali, their history, and objectives as organizations.
  • Sell and/or demonstrate their products.
  • Interact with GIN delegates in discussions about the future plans of their organizations.
The Global Action Fair is an excellent opportunity for GIN Delegates to discover what practical and effective measures people and organizations are doing in Bali to address and resolve issues.


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