EARCOS GIN Bali 2016 Sustainable Travel Photo Contest Entries


International Christian School


Jing Chan – International Christian School ***WINNER***

These children work extraordinarily hard to support their school. They don’t have much but they still appreciate the world’s beauty. I realized the importance of acknowledging what I have. They use the available resources within their community and use it to their benefits without harming the environment. I’ve seen them harvest, water plants, and use specific plants to make natural mosquito spray. I’m immensely thankful to have witnessed the amazing work the kids have done. They’re definitely an inspiration for me. I really reflected on how I want to impact the world and the people around me.

Jing Chan ICS


Phoebe Tam – International Christian School

As an advocate of a sustainable future, the state of Hong Kong’s environment has always been an issue of deep importance to me. My trip to the Wetlands Park not only opened my eyes to numerous problems I was previously unaware of, but it allowed me a chance to immerse myself in the hidden beauty of Hong Kong. I captured this moment of my friend as I was on the boardwalk, and I was immediately entranced by the serenity of that single shot. Photography and Nature has always been interests in my life, and this photo happens to be the perfect blend.

Phoebe Tam ICS


Luna Kobayashi – International Christian School

“This is more than just a photograph of a mom and her precious infant. As my shutter went off, I realised that this was the only photograph of them together. In the environment I grew up in, it’s common for parents to hang pictures of their children in the house or office, but not in this one– truthfully, not in most. When I showed the mother the photo, she rejoiced and it made me happy. This photograph helped me realize how my passion for photography can serve others– most importantly, how everyones gifts and talents can help the community.” *Taken in the Manila, Philippines for a service trip.

Luna Kobayashi ICS


Flame Lim – International Christian School

This picture in Reservoir Park in Kuching, Malaysia. Once a year, when I return to my hometown, I like to visit this park with its hills and leafy trees. Most cities are characterized by their tall, shining skyscrapers, grey concrete sidewalks, and vehicles coughing out smoke as they speed along the winding asphalt highways. With the growing concrete jungle, forests are disappearing. One way to preserve nature in cities is by adding green spaces. Green spaces allow a people estranged from nature to reconnect with their green inheritance.

Flame Lim ICS


Karesse Pang – International Christian School

Getting around with a bike: Traveling usually assumes visiting different places temporarily. Most people like to commute around the city and explore. The most convenient way to get around would be to take a bus or a taxi, especially since the place visited may speak a different language. It is a common misconception, that biking is dangerous and inconvenient. But over 20 countries now have bike-friendly facilities. Therefore, bikes are easily accessible and can easily be parked. The photo shows a bike parked at a bicycle parking rack. This encourages using bikes to get around when traveling instead of taking a bus or taxi.

Karesse Pang ICS



Dyatmika School of Bali


Grace Liu Dyatmika School of Bali

Waking up early in the morning and jogging along with the ocean breeze, these ‘beach warriors’ has become a part of my usual sunrise view. The name of their organisation is called ‘CLEAN’ and are based in Petitenget. The four of them worked in pairs: one bringing the rubbish bag and the other in charge of the sweeping. I would jog behind them, picking up any trash they’d miss. Every morning I’d see them and I’d always admire the love and help they give back to our beautiful island – our home that’s slowly diminishing of its pristine view.




Peter Dalglish
early morning at the Jungle House, Nepal
the Himalayas

Jae Young from Canadian Academy Kobe, Japan




Korea International School Jeju – Exemplary Eco-Conscious Visitor Behavior

Tiffany (Min Ji) Goo – Korea International School Jeju *** Winner***

Sustainable travel project should be a little change that tourists could afford to create a lasting effect for the preservation of the nature. In Jeju, where annual growth of tourists are exponential, rent-a-car system has been adored by most of the domestic and foreign tourists; Understanding the trend and interlocking it with Jeju island’s slogan (Island of peace and nature), tourism famous sites are endorsing the use of eco friendly Electronic Vehicle in place of cars (electric cars). Tourism sites equipped themselves with the free EV charging stations, enabling the tourists to save the cost of refueling. Currently, 49 free EV charging stations welcome tourists in Jeju. Being able to preserve nature by consuming less CO2 and saving the costs for charging, Electronic Vehicles in Jeju is a win-win strategy for the tourists and the nature.

Tiffany Goo_KISJ_EV

Kacey Kim – Korea International School Jeju

The local community members of Jeju are the residents, the contributors, and the companions of the island’s cultural and natural heritages. As advocates of the its local community, residents of Jeju has been showing dedication to enhance its natural environment’s beauty and raise the local community’s quality of life. Jeju locals are dedicated in acts for sustaining the natural heritage and traditional cultures on the island. Our trip to the Jeju Traditional Five Day market was a great opportunity for all of our community to witness the local community’s dedication to enhance their quality of lives on the island as well as the island’s development. Capturing moments at the market, I was able to revisit the merchants at the market, even deeper inside, and feel their ambitions for a better local community and quality of living on the island. Holding their hands for the sake of the island residents’ development in life has become another goal of mine.

Kacey SLL-4

Jinny Jin – Korea International School, Jeju

One of the places full of Jeju’s friendly atmosphere is Jeju-si 5-day market that is well-known for its scale and history. Since Koryeo Dynasty, the regular interactions with the mainland affected Jeju’s culture. I captured this scene as I entered Jeju-si 5-day market which had a totally different impression from modern signs. Merchants wake up early in the morning to get fresh foods from a vinyl greenhouse and work busily for a long day more than anyone else. They are  an inspiration, and I realized that people with great enthusiasm and passion produce great success.