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Why We REALLY Travel: The Intangible Outcomes of High School Study Abroad Programs

Friday 11th March, 11:15-12:00pm @Sanur Paradise Plaza Hotel, Denpasar Room, 3rd floor

Rustic Pathways, a leading provider of international community service, education, and adventure programs for students around the world, has begun an impact evaluation. We seek to understand the impact that our programs have on students’ attitudes and behaviors from a quantitative and qualitative perspective. I would like to discuss the process of designing and building our student impact evaluation tool and the non-cognitive skills and habits of mind it measures. We will discuss how our student impact evaluation tool will be used internally to refine our program design, curricula, and training, as well as with our partner, Thrival World Academies. Thrival World Academies is an organization creating public high schools with education abroad at their core, thus making education abroad opportunities accessible to all American students, regardless of race or class. We all know the importance of monitoring and evaluation and the inherent challenges of capturing non-cognitive outcomes. We’d like to invite feedback from curious participants on how our impact tool might be better used within our organization and how it could be used to advance the fields of international and experiential education.

Erin Murphy

IMG_1387OUTDOOR EDUCATION: A Learning Method to Impel Youths to be Resilient and Better Global Citizens

Saturday 12th March, 10:55-11:40am @Sanur Paradise Plaza Hotel, Denpasar Room, 3rd floor

By Wendy Kusumowidagdo

Youths in this day and age face insurmountable challenges and risks that modern life throws. How are we preparing Youths to overcome them and importantly to become impacting global citizens?

Outdoor education is believed to be an effective learning method for opening the channel of self-discovery, cultivating a sense of responsibility, resilience, collaboration and service.

Presentation by Wendy Kusumowidagdo from Outward Bound® Indonesia