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Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 10.16.32 PMMake It Work Forum, Saturday 12th March, 11:45-12:45pm, Tribal People of Asia and Progress, Ballroom, Sanur Paradise Plaza Hotel

In 1967, Freeport Mining received permission from the Indonesian government to excavate gold and copper in this area. Lemasko, an organisation of Kamoro tribes, did not sign a land right agreement with Freeport until 2000. The arrival of Freeport had far reaching consequences for the natural environment and the Kamoro way of life as they were forced to shift their villages. On the up-side, Freeport sponsors the annual Kamoro Art Festival or Kamoro Kakuru which has been held in the village of Pigapu since 1998. The Hungarian-American Photographer and Anthropologist Karl Muller, who was concerned about the Welfare of the Kamoro, became a special advisor to Freeport. He also started going around the villages to buy wooden sculptures. The main objective of the art festival is to retain Kamoro heritage. The Kamoro Art Festival came about because of the annual Asmat art auction which had been set up by Bishop Alphonse Sowada. He  had also founded the Asmat museum at Agats in 1973. According to Muller the Asmat have retained their traditional lifestyle more than the Kamoro have. These two tribal cultures use the same symbols when they do their carving but the Kamoro sculptures are smoother and more elegant.
The Kamoro Art Festival has become a source of income for sculptors and women weavers who make bags from local grasses. Dancing performances, cooking demonstrations and canoe races are also organized for the festival. At the festival in 2005, 11 million Rupiah was paid for one particular sculpture, the biggest sum ever.



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Connect With Your Audience Through Storytelling

Friday 11th  March, 1:00-1:45pm @Sanur Paradise Plaza Hotel, Negara Room, 2nd floor

Ro Verdeja is a Business Presentations Specialist. His clients include but are not limited to Nike, Unilever, Nestlé, Phillip Morris, Prime Plaza Hotels, DGI (Oil & Gas), Stauff as well as NGOs and International Schools. For more than twenty years, Ro has helped presenters all over the world to connect with their audiences.  Through Board presentations, sales presentations, idea pitches, trainings, fundraising campaigns and consultant presentations.

“Most people think a presentation is about the contents, what needs to be said, the data… For that, better to print a complete report. A presentation is about an objective that might use some of the data to achieve it.”

Ro believes that the importance of the presentation is not on the slides, but in the story that exists in the heart of the presenter.  Successful presenters are storytellers and through story they connect with their audience.  He uses his theatre and musical expertise to guide his clients to feel more at ease when they are presenting and uses his technical expertise to develop the best technical tools for the presenter and the objective.

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Tackling Neverland

Friday 11th  March, 1:00-1:45pm @Sanur Paradise Plaza Hotel, Denpasar Room, 3rd floor

In one school year, a child spends:  7800 hours at home and 900  hours at school.
Which teacher should be the most accountable?
– Jim Trelease, The Read-Aloud Handbook.


The statistics of how much time kids spend at school and how much at home will vary from place to place but in essence, these numbers are as true as any.

It won’t surprise teachers to hear that kids spend a lot of time with teachers – and vastly more time with their parents.

After years of leadership consulting and training with multi-national companies, governments and NGOs, Kelly and her business partner decided to apply what they knew to the complex, overwhelming and ever-shifting world of parenting.  They asked themselves these fundamental questions:
  • Is it possible to up-skill parents to raise happy and healthy kids who have the tools and capacity to harness their passions and make the world a better place?
  • What isn’t working about the way parents currently learn to parent?
  • What can I do to solve these problems?

This talk with take you on a romp through the shadowy Neverland of ed-techstart ups, business partnerships, and the ongoing struggle to find out exactly what parents want and need.  Even more importantly, to find out what kids really need.  It isn’t a fairy tale… there is no Tick Tock Crocodile but there is a Captain Hook, a Peter Pan and even a Wendy.  It is an ongoing adventure in tackling an ever-expanding amount of information and trying to make it accessible and practical on a budget.

Kelly McDonald
Lemonade Lessons LLC