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Embracing Complexity for Change

by Dr Mike Johnston

Friday 11th March, 10:10-11:10am @Sanur Paradise Plaza Hotel, Denpasar Room, 3rd floor

To dig into complex issues we need tools to be sure we are taking meaningful action. Let’s learn together how to embrace complexity and jump into issues with confidence

Mike Johnston helps lead schools towards greater sustainability and improved learning. He has empowered students, teachers and leaders in the places he has worked such as Canada, Scotland, Mexico, Russia, Qatar and Singapore to know they really can make a difference in the world. He has lead workshops and keynoted for teachers and administrators around the world on sustainability, global curriculum K-12 and how service learning should not just be what you do, but who you are as a school. As a member of the Compass Education team he is part of a growing community of passionate educators aiming to equip schools as learning communities to educate and act for a sustainable future. He has dedicated much of his time to not only ensuring students are properly prepared for the world’s most pressing issues but that they have the skills and desire to take action. In pursuing his Doctorate in Organizational Systems Mike helps to inspire and lead schools through times of change.

Mike Johnston Shares a Path to Bringing Sustainability To Your School




Re-Imagining Learning with TED-Ed

by Logan Smalley

Saturday 12th March, 8:40-9:25am @Sanur Paradise Plaza Hotel, Denpasar Room, 3rd Floor

After going over the Initiative in detail (including TED-Ed Clubs), get ready to pair up and pitch a lesson idea for an animation. Teachers will divide in groups and go through an abbreviated process that emulates TED-Ed Clubs.


unnamedReal Change; An Exploration

by Michelle Bliss & Roshan Gautam

Saturday 12th March, 9:30am-10:30am @Sanur Paradise Plaza Hotel, Denpasar Room, 3rd floor

There are numerous non – governmental organisations in Nepal, many of which have been active since Nepal opened up to the outside world in the 1960s.

Some Nepalis are now asking, “In what ways has anything changed essentially in Nepal?” Some NGOs are asking themselves the same question.

Using examples of various projects in the fields of education and development, we will consider why even well planned projects initiated with the best of intentions do not always achieve the desired results.

Roberts Kegan’s Stages of Adult Development model identifies 4 basic evolutionary levels. Is it possible for real change to be initiated in a society which for centuries has overwhelmingly embraced a certain way of thinking characterising a particular level?

We believe it is possible! We will share what we have learned over the years and very recently from our interactions with young Nepalese innovators, and how this is guiding our current Full Circle project to create a trekking lodge and campsite in Roshan’s village of birth.

Please bring a very open mind and a willingness to take a deep look at what it truly means to “Be The Change….” , and how this impacts our role as educators and mentors in the world today.

With Skateistan ResizedFollowing Another Path

by Peter Dalglish

Saturday 12th March, 2:10-2:55pm @Sanur Paradise Plaza Hotel, Kintamani Room, 2nd Floor.

Peter Dalglish has inspired a number of educators to consider trading

in their conventional classroom environment for work—whether as a

volunteer or on a professional basis—in profoundly disadvantaged

communities in the developing world. This workshop will focus on

some of the practical issues associated with making the shift,

including websites to track for job openings, and some of the best

organizations that teachers might want to join.